Warranty Policy

Our warranty covers all parts and labor for 1 full year from date of the repair (unlimited mileage).

Our Services
ServicesAverage Prices
30K Service$500
Timing Belt$650
Oil Change$45
Upper Bushing$230
T/A bushing$475
Turbo Drain$275
Engine Mounts$280
Exhaust Manifold Gasket$475
Motor Vac$160
Trans Flush$375
Water Pump$650
A/C Recharge$175
Shocks V70$700

New extended services for our most valued customers!

A lot has changed in the last 25 years but at Larry's Volvo our commitment to you the customer is as strong as ever. We could not have done it without you. As a result of your support, we have been able to steadily grow as a business and serve our community. We believe that it is now our turn to help you. We want to show our appreciation of your support by satisfying all of your automotive needs in a one-stop automotive service experience. Beginning immediately we will be performing routine check-ups as well as factory recommended services on all makes and models other than Volvo for our existing customers.

We look forward to being your best choice for volvo service for the next 25 years!

Examples of the services that we can perform on your vehicles includes brake service, suspension, shocks, mufflers, tune-ups, oil changes and transmission service. Below is a recommended maintenance schedule:

Maintenance SchedulesServices
Every 3,000 to 4,000 MilesOil and Filter Service Safety Inspection
Oil and Filter Service
Safety Inspection
Rotate and Balance Tires
Every 7,500 MilesCheck Tire Wear
Check Air Filter
Check Brakes
Check all Drive Belts
Check Wipers
Every 15,000 MilesInclude the above services and replace cabin air filter as needed
Include the above services
Major Tune Up
Transmission Service
Flush Coolant
Flush Brake Fluid
Adjust Valves (240, 740, 760,940 only)
Every 30,000 MilesClean Throttle Body and Set
Check Oxygen Sensor/Emission
Check Battery
Charging System Test
Replace Cam Timing Belt (through 1994 850 and 960)
Replace Cam Time Belt (all years 4
Every 50,000 MilesReplace Cam Time Belt (all years 4 cylinder engines, 1995-1998 5 and 6 cylinder engines)
Every 105,000 MilesReplace Cam Timing Belt (all 1999 engines and later)

All services includes a 26 point Safety Inspection: This Safety Inspection will check tire pressure and wear, brakes front and rear, park brake adjustments, front and rear suspension and shocks, exhaust system and muffler(s), engine and transmission fluid leaks, clutch adjustments if needed, cooling system hoses and antifreeze protection, engine drive belts, under-hood fluid levels, headlight and taillight operation and road test of vehicle.