Know What You're Getting from a Used Car from Larry's Volvo

Used car preparation begins with a thorough evaluation of the car's systems for operational function and condition.

The moment the car is brought in we raise it in the air and inspect and repair all systems as necessary. Tires are selected that have 50% or better tread life left. These are then mounted, balanced and the vehicle aligned if necessary. Fluids and filters are changed if necessary to ensure that the car is brought current with Volvo's recommended service guidelines.

We do not put any credence on mileage shown because of the high failure rate of Volvo odometers, and the fact that it may have been replaced with one of inaccurate mileage. We base our appraisement on the vehicle's condition after our inspection and repair. How much mileage the car has is NOT as important as is how many miles it has left. We repair whatever is necessary.

We sell the BEST used Volvos available for a fair price. We know that you expect the best from a car and you can find that car here. We know the value of a fine dependable automobile and realize that there are buyers out there who appreciate the extra mile we go to make our cars ready to sell. If you do not agree with our philosophy that is fine. We have cars priced from $2500.00 - $14,000.00.

If we do not have the car you want, we can build one to suit your needs and tastes. Our goal is to give the best service possible and make you happy with your vehicle.